More research, more answers, more kids saved— it’s what St. Baldrick’s is driven to accomplish in the field of childhood cancer research. People might have heard about St. Baldrick’s through their signature head-shaving fundraiser events, but not everyone knows that St. Baldrick’s gives more money to pediatric cancer research than anyone else.

OBERLAND worked with St. Baldrick’s to highlight children enjoying life as they should be, and the power we have to keep it that way.

 Our campaign KIDS ARE SPECIAL: LET’S TREAT THEM THAT WAY depicts children in their truest form—vivacious, happy and playful. Children are full of love and light and we captured that across print ads, OOH, digital, and PSAs which ranked in the 90th percentile of all PSAs in the Americas.  

The second wave of the campaign, TAKE CHILDHOOD BACK FROM CANCER, focused on the medical terms children with cancer know, but shouldn’t have to, and the role we can play to change that. Because when a child suffers from cancer, their lives will never be the same.

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