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Deliver successful social media campaigns and strategies for our clients.

Help make OBERLAND an agency with a credible social media offering.

Make the agencies own social media channels better.


The Social Strategist at OBERLAND will be responsible for developing, implementing and tracking the social and digital content for all internal and external brand, email and creative campaigns. The Social Strategist will work closely with the rest of the agency in a highly collaborative and team-oriented environment with the aim of winning new business as well as managing the current client marketing programs.

The Social Strategist will be responsible for identifying relevant consumer insights and market trends and helping translate them into strategic plans that meet clients’ brand and marketing objectives across both online/Social and offline touchpoints. The Strategist will work closely with account teams to track and measure campaign performance and then work to refine the strategy and creative assets in efforts to optimize performance and receptivity. 

The primary responsibilities of the Social Strategist are:

  • Developing social media plans for agency and clients
  • Advising on agency and client social media channels as needed
  • Spotting trends and technologies that play roles in consumer’s lives
  • Performing research, developing reports and supporting the development of strategic programs (i.e. desk research, social conversation + review analyses, consumer survey)
  • Developing communication plans and media plans
  • Analyzing existing brand identities to develop knowledge of the personas, organizational process, competitive threats and opportunities of a client’s business 
  • Supporting the campaign measurement process to ensure that the clients and agency are aligned on key performance metrics, establishing realistic business goals, and providing accountability through reporting and analytics, and providing optimized strategies moving forward
  • Collaborate seamlessly across departments, particularly account, strategy and production
  • Anticipate problems that may interfere with project success and develop solutions
  • Actively participate in agency pitches


  • Work with the agency team to establish and maintain consistency in OBERLAND and our leadership’s owned social channels
  • Work with staff to develop new content ideas that support the overall objectives.
  • Proactively identify and assess new channels to unlock opportunity amongst OBERLAND’s clients or prospects
  • Create a weekly newsletter with best practices, trends, and creative inspiration to be shared with the agency 


  • You will be the practical voice of social media culture within the agency.  Teach us well.  Keep us current.  Be ahead of the clients.
  • Bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to the agency each day.
  • Flex your knowledge and step out of your comfort zone. Try everything once. 
  • Fail fast. Learn faster. 


  • 2-4 years of experience developing and executing social media & communications plans
  • Ability to manage multiple project work in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Experience with campaign reporting and analytics 
  • Experience with audience insights and measurement
  • Experience with influencer & key opinion leader (KOL) marketing 
  • Experience with SEM/SEO strategy
  • Experience with CRM strategy
  • Ability to identify strategic needs and be proactive in nature
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent presentation skills that encompass clear, compelling communications
  • Knowledge of all functional agency departments, capabilities and service areas

The Social Strategist will report directly to the Sr. Strategist.


  • Pulse on the culture. Love for the trends & for the platforms (even & especially the ones that haven’t hit mainstream yet). 
  • Thoroughness. Impeccable regard for detail is critical to effective execution.
  • Move at game speed.  High quality at a fast pace is essential for success.
  • Poise and focus during intense moments, meetings and busy time periods at the agency.
  • Growth mindset and a hard-working, roll-up your sleeves attitude. 
  • Comfortable with the uncomfortable nature of doing new things for the first time.  We are inventing the future of purpose driven communications, and it's a continuous experiment.  


Client satisfaction.

Improvements in Owned Channel followings, namely:

  • Increased follower growth
  • Increased post engagement and sharing
  • Regular content publication

Success winning social media assignments

COMPENSATION: $80,000 - $95,000

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