Everything Changes When We Do

August 11, 2020

Everything Changes When We Do

Drew Train

In 2020, the time of COVID-19 and a social uprising to address systematic racism, being “purpose-driven” is top of mind for brands and agencies. But what the fuck does that look like in practice? Well, here’s one example.  Our Impact Report, “Everything Changes When We Do,” lays out the work OBERLAND has done to make our company more diverse and inclusive, in a way that your company can follow.

This report outlines the steps we have taken to address inequality and bias, which includes wage audits, bias training, and redevelopment of our employee handbook, among many other initiatives. It outlines what we improved on and where we still need to get better.  And, it can serve as a roadmap for other agencies and brands to practice what they are (now) preaching.

We are also aware that there is a long way to go in addressing systemic issues and that we have not found most of the answers - internally and in society. However, perfection is the enemy of progress, and in light of the social awakening around systemic racism, OBERLAND and its employees have worked hard to address these issues in real ways. We want to share what we’ve done and where we need to go.

Take a look, join the conversation, make a change.

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