Impact Report 2018

June 29, 2020

Impact Report 2018


Our industry is at a crossroads. Consumers no longer want their companies to be agnostic. There’s no longer any room to be neutral. We believe that brands either need to find a purpose, or face the pitchforks. At Oberland, we are betting long on purpose, not just as a business model, but as a way of life, a way forward for our industry as well as our society. This last year has proven to us that the market is ready to embrace this new way of doing business. From our work, to our words, to our office, we strive to make a difference, on purpose.


OBERLAND will use the tools, talent and techniques of Madison Avenue to build and evolve brands designed to create social impact in addition to financial returns for businesses, institutions, government agencies, causes and nonprofits. We will also drive the rapid growth and penetration of purpose-driven branding across the marketing, media, advertising and social sectors by training a new generation of professionals, regularly publishing expert content, executing purpose-driven creative for our clients, being environmentally conscious and serving as an example in how we operate our business.

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