Impact Report 2021

December 14, 2022

Impact Report 2021

Our 2021 Impact Report provides an overview of what we at OBERLAND did during a year of rapid and often jarring change. We weathered the second year of the pandemic well, compared to many of our peers in the advertising world, and a number of observations came to the forefront. First, we learned that purpose is more important than ever to brands, the people that make them, and the people who use them. We continued our focus on developing purpose-driven strategies and campaigns for our clients, all with the goal of helping them to Make Good Money.

As a business, we evolved during this time. We focused more on our employee value proposition, joining others in rebalancing our relationship with our people. And, naturally, we’ve learned many lessons. We weathered the Great Resignation and made major investments in talent at almost every level across the agency. We boosted our DEI efforts, too, and retained a leading environmental consultancy to help us calculate (and hopefully eliminate) our net carbon footprint.

And of course, driving all of this is our work, which is included in our 2021 Impact Report as proof of our walking the walk when it comes to purpose and helping our clients, whether for profit or nonprofit brands.

We believe as an agency we have the ability to make a huge impact on the world. With our creative and strategic skills comes a responsibility to act. We launched this agency to show others in our industry that there is a better way: that they could have a successful business, agency, do great work, help their clients and brands move the needle, treat their people well, and still make good money doing it. We had to prove our concept – and we continue to do it every day.

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