Intern with us!

August 20, 2020

Intern with us!


Let’s state the obvious: it’s tough to get a job right now, and extra nerve-wracking if you’re just starting out. That’s why we want to help.

In response to the pandemic, the economic recession, and virtually everything else that’s been the whirlwind of 2020, we’ve tailored our internship program so incoming and new grads can work from anywhere (on EST) on four-week long project-based internships. 

OBERLAND founder Bill Oberlander at “office hours” with OBERINTERNS Karyna Luong, Katie Volkomer, Maxwell Reitkopf. Apply for a paid internship with OBERLAND here.

You’ll leave with a month’s worth of actual work experience, a capstone project to boost your background, a stipend, and access to a staff dedicated to making advertising that’s good for the world. Previous intern projects have included mental health advocacy work, Pride blog posts, consumer market research, and data visualization. 

Here’s what our former Intern, Jay Do, got out of the experience: "My time at OBERLAND was filled with so many opportunities. I was able to branch out from my OG capstone project and dabble in other areas of the agency that I was more interested in. This was all made possible by the friendly people who advocated for me in the best ways possible. I loved the internship so much I even asked to extend it (cough)....” 

President Drew Train: “Our OBERLAND interns have added a fresh perspective across all of our teams. With the fast-paced nature of 2020, and advertising itself, it’s increasingly important that our interns are given the opportunity to flex their skills in their time with us, while also providing valuable insights as the future of the industry.” 

Here’s what we need from you: 

  • EST availability
  • New or incoming grads to the front
  • Preference to intern in one of our five departments: Creative, Account, Production, Strategy, Administration
  • Preferred expertise in one of the following disciplines: Advertising, Marketing, Design, Motion Graphics, Copywriting, Production, Video Editing, Social Media, Consumer Behavior, Nonprofit Marketing, Market Research, Data Visualization, UX/UI
  • LGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are highly encouraged to apply

Check out our program one-pager for more info and our application to apply. For questions, contact

Program one-pager

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