What Does Election Season Mean For Americans?

October 28, 2020

What Does Election Season Mean For Americans?

Sarah Kasarsky, Ali Karen

OBERLAND conducted a survey, powered by real-time market research firm Suzy, of 1,000 Americans (aged 18-73) to gauge citizens’ perceptions and attitudes surrounding the 2020 presidential election season. Here’s what we found:

Brands are no longer only expected to sell products, but the causes they support. When it comes to politics, Americans want brands to engage with the election, with top desired actions including giving employees paid time off on election day and helping to educate the public on their voting options. Consider how your brand can equip and mobilize consumers and employees to ensure their voice is heard.

2020 has been an unprecedented year in many ways, including how citizens are casting their votes for the presidential election. With more than ⅓ Americans reporting that they have experienced challenges when trying to vote, navigating this process amid COVID-19 has been an increasingly complicated exercise - whether Americans are voting in person or via mail. 

The challenges with which Americans are confronted when trying to vote in the 2020 election are pervasive. Of those who have experienced challenges: ⅓ are still awaiting their absentee ballot, more than ¼ say they have been told their vote would be invalid, 38% have reported closed voting sites and ¼ say they have received multiple absentee ballots. Voting difficulties continue to inflict the US population just days before the election, when each and every vote can make a difference. 

The ups and downs of election season, coupled with COVID-19, has caused a majority of Americans to experience situational mental health changes - and nearly half (45%) of citizens report that these shifts have been negative in nature. Amid election season, adverse mental health effects have disproportionately affected America's most vulnerable populations; an astounding 93% of unemployed US citizens say the election has negatively impacted their mental health and more than ¾ low-income Americans (<$75K HHI) also report substandard mental states amid election season. As the next administration determines how to confront the pandemic, it is vital that mental health be an integral part of the COVID response.

Please, use your voice this election. VOTE. 

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