OBERLAND Purpose Tracker

March 9, 2021

OBERLAND Purpose Tracker


If we learned anything in 2020, it’s this:  Your brand’s silence is louder than ever.

OBERLAND research found that nearly 2/3 of Americans believe that brands’ actions taken over the past year will lead to sustained social change. Consumers in the post-2020 era expect brands to play a leading role in social advocacy and action, across a wide array of issues from systemic inequities to democracy to sustainability. 

It’s simple: brands are no longer defined only by the products they sell or the industries they exist within, but by their ability to inspire and lead meaningful, systemic change. 

Below is a live roundup of campaigns from brands across industries and sectors as they take a stand for causes greater than themselves. Check back every few weeks to see the latest players and campaigns making an impact. 

Learn how brands can take action in 2021 (and beyond) in OBERLAND’s Purpose Forecast. 

March 2021

Purpose: Sustainability
Brand: Tide
Campaign: #TurntoCold
  • Tide is launching an environmentally driven campaign to get people to wash clothes in cold water.
  • The campaign asks people to take a pledge to #TurntoCold and educates consumers on the personal and environmental benefits of washing with cold water. 
  • The campaign is being promoted with a series of videos titled “Cold Callers” ft. Ice T and Stone Cold - the coldest icons in pop culture - where they convince the public and celebrities (e.g. Annie Murphy) to #TurntoCold.
Purpose: Racial Equity
Brand: P&G
Campaign: Widen the Screen 
  • P&G launched Widen The Screen, “an expansive content creation, talent development, and partnership platform that celebrates creativity and enables Black creators to share the full richness of the Black experience.”
  • The platform is meant to further understanding, exposure to and appreciation for Black creators and their work, as well as the Black experience. 
  • The initiative launched with a film made largely by Black creators that premiered Saturday night during the 2021 NAACP Image Awards.
Purpose: Gender Equality / Racial Equity
Brand: Lobos 1717
Campaign: Build a Bigger Table
  • The new tequila brand is intentionally composed of a staff that is more than half women and is more than 60% ethnically diverse to showcase how diversity and inclusion can drive commercial success. 
  • The brand embodies this inclusivity in its first brand campaign, ‘Build a Bigger Table,” which is centered around the benefits of always bringing more voices to the table. 

*Launched in 2020

Purpose: Sustainability
Brand: Hasbro
Campaign: Hasbro Toy Recycling 
  • Hasbro announced new plans to remove all plastic packaging for new products by the end of 2022
  • The brand released a new sustainable product, Mr. Potato Head Goes Green. It is made with plant-based plastic derived from sugar cane and plastic-free packaging. 
  • The brand also released Monopoly Go Green, the first fully sustainable board game. The packaging board and game pieces are made from 100% recycled paper, FSC-certified wood and plant-based plastic derived from sugar cane. The game rules are also updated to encourage and reward eco-conscious behaviors during play.
Purpose: Sustainability
Brand: Adidas
Campaign: End Plastic Waste / Stan Smith Forever 
  • Adidas announced the future of the Stan Smith Collection by redefining what a sustainable shoe can be.Starting in 2021, The Stan Smith Shoe will be created with a recycled upper and 50% more recycled materials. 
  • Adidas launched the new green collection in a spot with Stan Smith + Kermit the Frog noting that it’s “not easy being green” but everyone can do their part. 
  • This is part of Adidas’ larger commitment to sustainability, with plans for nine out of 10 of its products to be sustainable by 2025.
Purpose: Public Health
Brand: Krispy Kreme
Campaign: Be Sweet To Your Community
  • To encourage COVID-19 vaccination, Krispy Kreme is offering a free doughnut to anyone who shows their vaccination card for the rest of 2021. No additional purchase is necessary. 
  • As part of the initiative, Krispy Kreme says it also plans to randomly deliver doughnuts to health care workers and volunteers at vaccination centers in the coming weeks to thank them for their hard work and service. 
Purpose: Racial Equity
Campaign: OURTONE
  • BAND-AID launched a new line of inclusive bandages called OURTONE, made to “embrace the beauty of diverse skin tones.”
  • The initial commitment to creating the line of inclusive bandages was made in June on Instagram amid the peak of the BLM movement. 
  • BAND-AID also established the BAND-AID® BRAND Black Healthcare Heroes in Nursing Scholarship with the National Black Nurses Association and the BAND-AID Brand Champions for Health Equity Scholarship with the National Student Nurse Association, a multi-year commitment to financially support Black nursing students pursuing careers in the medical field. 
Purpose: Community Restoration
Brand: Lowe’s
Campaign: 100 Towns
  • To mark its 100th anniversary, Lowe's is sponsoring community restoration projects in 100 U.S. cities and towns, providing a total of $10 million for projects it will select from submissions
  • Lowe's will award the grants in June and will make employees available on a volunteer basis to advise and guide winners through their restoration projects. 
Purpose: Racial Equity
Brand: Nike
Campaign: The Toughest Athletes / Nike M 
  • Nike’s new film, “The Toughest Athletes,” captures the power and strength of women during pregnancy and early motherhood, emphasizing the link between sport and motherhood.
  • It’s filmed through the lens of 20+ mothers across various stages of their pregnancy and postpartum journeys including Serena Williams, Bianca Williams along with everyday female athletes. 
  • The film coincides with the launch of Nike's first dedicated maternity collection, Nike (M) 
Purpose: Racial Equity
Brand: Nike
Campaign: Purpose 2025 Targets
  • Nike introduced its new Purpose 2025 Targets, a five-year roadmap and call-to-action creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • For the first time, Nike will tie its executive compensation to the company making progress in deepening diversity and inclusion, protecting the plane  and advancing ethical manufacturing
  • Nike released a video to announce the initiative. 
Purpose: Democracy / Racial Equity
Brand: More Than a Vote
Campaign: You With Us? / Protect our Power
  • More Than a Vote launched a new spot narrated by LeBron James to speak out against voter suppression laws being pushed in Georgia and across the U.S.
  • The 30-second ad is a collection of images and videos from Black Lives Matter protests and Black politicians, athletes and activists, alongside clips of the Jan. 6 insurrection
  • The Protect our Power campaign encourages viewers to stand up against voter suppression by joining the advocacy efforts of More Than a Vote and by signing a petition. 
Purpose: Racial Equity
Brand: HBO 
Campaign: Pa’lante
  • HBO Max today announced the launch of HBO Max Pa’lante!, an initiative geared to Latinx viewers that will serve as “a platform for the creative heart of the burgeoning Latinx culture, bringing to life eclectic stories across HBO Max.”
  • Part of the initiative includes a partnership with OneFifty, WarnerMedia’s initiative to curate, develop and invest in bold, fresh and compelling storytelling.
  • The initiative is meant to promote “ambiculturalism,” inclusive of all cultures, generations and identities. 
  • HBO Max released a video to celebrate the launch of the initiative and also updated social handles with Pa’lante.
Purpose: Health Equity 
Brand: Lyft
Campaign: Getting the vaccine starts with getting to the vaccine
  • Lyft announced a campaign that allows people to “send a ride” to a loved one to drive them to and from their COVID vaccination appointment
  • This campaign is in response to the millions of underserved Americans who say a barrier to getting vaccinated is transportation to/from vaccination sites. 
  • Lyft has partnered with companies including Anthem, JPMorgan Chase, NAACP, and United Way to power 60 million rides to and from vaccine appointments.
  • Brands and companies can also sign up to sponsor rides for their patients and employees.
Purpose: Gender Equality / Body Positivity
Brand: Unilever
Campaign/ Initiative: Positive Beauty / Why We’re Saying No To Normal 
  • Unilever announced that it will remove the word “normal” from its products and marketing globally to build “a more inclusive vision of beauty for people and the planet”
  • The company released a video to announce the change, also noting that this is part of their broader “Positive Beauty” campaign., which “which aims not only to do less harm, but more good for both people and the planet.”
Purpose: Gender Equality
Brand: State Street Global Advisors 
Campaign: Fearless Girl 
  • Four years after the installation of the Fearless Girl statue, State Street Global Advisors installed a broken glass ceiling surrounding the Fearless Girl for IWD.
  • The glass ceiling serves as a symbol of the breakthroughs and accomplishments of women and the stereotypes women are shattering every day.
Purpose: Gender Equality
Brand: Google
Campaign/ Initiative: Google.org Impact Challenge for Women and Girls / First of Many (International Women’s Day)
  • Google announced a new “Google.org Impact Challenge for Women and Girls,” a fund dedicated to advancing the economic prosperity of women and girls around the world, funded by Google.org with $25 million.
  • The program calls upon nonprofits and social organizations to submit ideas for impactful initiatives, and those selected can receive up to $2 million and mentorship and additional support from Google.
  • This is supplemented by Google’s new ad campaign, called “First of Many,” celebrating women pioneers. More than 23 countries are also supporting the campaign with local placements.
Purpose: Gender Equality
Brand: Billie 
Campaign/ Initiative: Think of a Woman (International Women’s Day)
  • Billie launched a film and interactive website that aims to challenge society’s view on women and unconscious biases. 
  • The campaign includes a video and the “Billie Brain Scan,” an exercise that takes people through a series of scenarios to reveal how their unconscious bias can control their day-to-day thoughts and actions.
Purpose: Gender Equality
Brand: Netflix
Campaign/ Initiative: Investing in the Next Generation of Women Storytellers (International Women’s Day)
  • Netflix announced a new initiative giving $5 million to “programs that help identify, train and provide work placements for up-and-coming women talent around the world.”
  • This comes as part of their Netflix Fund for Creative Equity program, a program to discover and support inclusive storytellers with a goal of investing $20 million a year for the next five years.
  • The brand launched a short video as part of the initiative, which highlights monumental moments and “firsts” for women in film. 
  • Netflix also launched an International Women’s Day collection of women’s stories.
Purpose: Gender Equality
Brand: Unilever 
Campaign/ Initiative: It’s Time To End The Silence on Domestic Violence 
  • Unilever released its Global Domestic Violence and Abuse Policy available to other employers to help others create a safe and equitable work environment.
  • This came as a response to new data from the UN, revealing that cases of domestic violence during lockdown have increased by 20%.
  • The brand released a video to promote the initiative. 
Purpose: Gender Equality
Brand: Mattel
Campaign/ Initiative: Inspiring Women™ Series (International Women’s Day)
  • Mattel launched an Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie doll in honor of International Women’s Day, the newest addition to Barbie’s Inspiring Women™ Series.
  • The doll celebrates Anna Eleanor Roosevelt as the longest-serving First Lady of the United States, a UN Spokesperson, and an activist who worked tirelessly in advancing human rights.
Purpose: Gender Equality 
Brand: Ikea
Campaign/ Initiative: FiftyFifty (International Women’s Day)
  • The new campaign is grounded in findings that women take on extra household work.
  • ​​FiftyFifty is a game for everyday equality, available on Instagram, to serve as a playful way to open up and start a conversation about the equality in your home 
  • Ikea partnered with Zara Larsson for a launch video to promote FiftyFifty
Purpose: Gender Equality 
Brand: Lego 
Campaign/ Initiative: Future Builders (International Women’s Day)
  • The LEGO Company launched a new ad campaign focusing on young female builders based on their iconic “What it is is beautiful” advertisement from 1981.
  • Parents can go to a Lego microsite, upload a photo and answer a few questions about how their daughter likes to play with Legos. Lego then generates a poster with a variation on the headline and emails it back, encouraging them to share it with a #LEGOFutureBuilders hashtag.
Purpose: Gender Equality 
Brand: LinkedIn
Campaign/ Initiative: #WeCanDoIt (International Women’s Day)
  • LinkedIn launched it’s first-ever IWD campaign in response to research that Covid-19 has disproportionately impacted women‘s careers.
  • A campaign film highlights the stories of seven women from around the world and asks others to consider the women who have supported them during the pandemic. 
Purpose: Climate Action / Sustainability 
Brand: Tazo
Campaign/ Initiative: Tazo Tree Corps
  • The Tazo Tree Corps aims to beautify and bring “tree equity” to areas that need it most and will help to provide employment for locals of those communities.
  • Individuals can apply to be a corps member on the Tazo website. Each corps member will work over the next two years to bring measurable tree equity to low-income communities and communities of color in five major cities. 
  • Tazo is partnering with musician/activist SZA and environmental organization American Forests on the effort. 
  • SZA and Tazo released a social film to promote the new initiative. 
Purpose: Creator Rights / Wage Equity
Brand: Soundcloud
Campaign/ Initiative: Fan-Powered Royalties
  • Soundcloud launched a new, more equitable way to pay artists: Fan-powered royalties
  • With fan-powered royalties, each listener's subscription or advertising revenue is distributed among the artists they actually listen to, rather than being pooled.
  • This new model benefits independent artists and empowers fans to play a larger role in the success of their favorite artist and encourages the growth of local scenes and the rise of new genres.
Purpose: Body Positivity
Brand: Athleta
Campaign/ Initiative: All, Powerful
  • Athleta’s new campaign is promoting its expanded line of apparel sizes from XXS to 3X, showing that all women - no matter shape or size - should feel empowered to live and move powerfully and confidently. 
  • The 30 second anthem spot “All, Powerful,” features a woman wearing each size.
Purpose: Gender Equity 
Brand: Hershey’s
Campaign/ Initiative: ‘Celebrate HerSHEy’s’ Bars (International Women’s Day)
  • For International Women’s Day, Hershey'sdeveloped a small batch of 'Celebrate HerSHEy's' bars, highlighting the 'SHE' at the center
  • As part of the campaign, Hershey’s created a short film featuring inspirational women and is inviting others to share a picture of a woman they are celebrating with the hashtag #CelebrateSHE. Hershey’s will share some of these stories on their social channels throughout Women's History Month.

February 2021

Purpose: Racial Equity / Anti Asian-Hate
Brand: Nike
Campaign/ Initiative: #StopAsianHate / Until We All Win
  • Nike released a video condemning asian hate crimes 
  • As part of their Until We All Win initiative, Nike donated $500,000 to 20 nonprofits that help advance Asian American, Middle East and Pacific Islander communities, promoting anti-racism and inclusion efforts. 
Purpose: Racial Equity 
Brand: UPS
Campaign/ Initiative: Proudly Unstoppable (Black History Month)
  • UPS' new "Proudly Unstoppable" campaign is designed to amplify minority voices while providing aid to Black-owned businesses through the end of the year.
  • As part of the campaign, UPS celebrated Black History Month with a special design on Express delivery packages .
  • It's the first time UPS has commissioned art for any of its delivery boxes, created by a Brooklyn-based, graphic illustrator who is Black and southeast Asian. 
Purpose: Racial Equity / Anti Asian Hate
Brand: Facebook
Campaign/ Initiative: Stop Asian Hate
Purpose: Gender Equality / Female Empowerment
Brand: Frida Mom 
Campaign/ Initiative: Stream of Lactation
  • The campaign video aims to normalize difficulties new moms may face when breastfeeding. 
  • The video features real, postpartum women during this emotional and challenging time for themselves and their babies, to show other women struggling that they are not alone. 
Purpose: Gender Equality
Brand: Hasbro
Campaign/ Initiative: Potato Head Brand 
  • Hasbro changed the “Mr. Potato Head” brand to the “Potato Head” brand to be more inclusive and gender-equal
  • Hasbro will sell a new playset this fall without the Mr. and Mrs. designations that will let kids create their own type of potato families, including two moms or two dads.
Purpose: Racial Equity 
Brand: Vimeo, Mailchimp
Campaign/ Initiative: Stories in Place (Black History Month)
  • In the shadow of a global pandemic, economic collapse and ongoing racial injustice, Vimeo and Mailchimp worked with seven Black filmmakers to capture perspectives from behind the counters of their favorite neighborhood spots.
The films show the spectrum of experiences among Black small-business owners and their communities.
Purpose: Climate Action / Sustainability
Brand: Jaguar and Rover
Campaign/ Initiative: Reimagine 
  • Jaguar Land Rover announced a new global strategy to transition Jaguar to an all-electric luxury brand by 2025
  • The initiative also includes: six electric variants of Land Rover Vehicles within the next 5 years, and all Jaguar and Land Rover nameplates to be available in pure electric form by end of the decade; first all-electric Land Rover model in 2024
  • The brand also aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions across its supply chain, products and operations by 2039
Purpose: Racial Equity / Anti Asian Hate 
Brand: Airbnb
Campaign/ Initiatives: Resources for Allyship and Fighting Anti-Asian Discrimination
  • Airbnb published a blog post with resources for those who want to be allies for the Asian community, publicizing the internal dialogue that had been happening within their company's Asian employee resource group.
Purpose: Racial Equity
Brand: Mastercard 
Campaign/ Initiative: Strivers’ Initiative
  • Mastercard announced the Strivers Initiative, a consumer-facing platform, elevating the visibility of Black female business owners overcoming obstacles to maintain and grow their business, as role models for the community and future generations.
  • The initiative kicked off with an ad spot featuring Black women business owners from across the U.S. and Jennifer Hudson.
  • "Strivers Initiative" will include a grant program in partnership with Fearless Fund, a VC fund built by women of color for women of color, as well as a multi-city educational roadshow driving awareness of the state of women and minority-owned business in cities across the U.S. 
Purpose: Racial Equity
Brand: Diageo
Campaign/ Initiative: HBCU Endowment Fund 
  • Diageo is committing $10 million to support 25 HBCUs and creating permanent endowed funds to provide financial aid grants anticipated to benefit thousands of students in need 
  • The initiative will include the creation of Innovation Hubs at select HBCUs and internship platforms to help drive diversity within the industry 
  • Funds will be available for HBCU students across different disciplines and majors, and distributed according to each institution’s financial aid process
Purpose: Racial Equity/ Anti Asian Hate
Brand: Peloton
Campaign/ Initiative: #StopAsianHate
  • Peloton posted a statement condemning Asian hate on Facebook, and donated $100,000 to Asian American Federation, an organization that furthers justice, wellness and opportunity for Asian communities. 
  • They noted this as the start of a partnership that will “provide mental health support for those experiencing and witnessing racism.”
Purpose: Racial Equity
Brand: Google
Campaign/ Initiative: Celebrate Black-Owned Business (Black History Month)
  • To celebrate Black creativity and entrepreneurship, Google partnered with artist Amani Lewis to create a shoppable piece of art that showcases products made by Black‑owned businesses.
  • Google also introduced an icon to help shoppers identify and support Black-owned businesses - a Seller can post the icon on their page to show they identify as Black-owned. 
Purpose: Racial Equity
Brand: Etsy
Campaign/ Initiative: Black Creativity (Black History Month)
  • Etsy is driving users to Black-owned businesses and Black-creators’ pages during BHM, and is encouraging users to do so for the long haul. There are also incentives from purchasing from Black retailers. Home page copy reads: “Black creativity is a beautiful thing. Celebrate this month, and every month.”
  • This is part of Etsy’s continued efforts to boost diversity since 2019, when the brand made its initial commitment to increasing diversity in ads and to double the number of its Black and LatinX employees by 2023. 
  •  In 2020, a majority of the brand’s ads featured people of color and the brand has increased diversity of employees by nearly 3%, keeping them on track to hit their goal in  2023. 
Purpose: Sustainability 
Brand: Chipotle 
Campaign/ Initiative: Can a Burrito Change the World? (Super Bowl)
  • Spot is part of announcement of Chipotle’s new commitment to Food with Integrity and a commitment of $5 million over the next 5 years to help the next generation of farmers (offering Seed Grants to young farmers under the age of 40)
  • Campaign proving that fast food can be sustainable and have a positive impact on the future of farming / food production and sourcing 
Purpose: Mental Health
Brand: Michelob Ultra
Campaign/ Initiative: Happy (Super Bowl)
  • Poses a thought-provoking question on the role joy plays in success.
  • The spot proves to America that you’re not just happy because you win, you win because you’re happy - and that “it’s only worth it if you enjoy it”
Purpose: Sustainability 
Brand: GM
Campaign/ Initiative: No Way, Norway (Super Bowl Spot) / Everybody In 
  • No Way, Norway was created to excite a new generation of GM buyers as part of GM’s larger ‘Everybody In’ campaign to accelerate EV adoption in the U.S.
  • Campaign aligns with new brand identity to create “a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.” 
  • GM committed to investment of $27 billion in EV and AV products through 2025 and the launches of 30 new EVs globally by the end of 2025
Purpose: Racial Equity 
Brand: Ulta Beauty
Campaign/ Initiative: MUSE (Magnify, Uplift, Support and Empower Black voices in beauty) 
  • New campaign from Ulta spotlight Black beauty and the Black female experience. With the release, the brand pledged to double the Black-owned brands in its assortment by the end of 2021 and step up employee training to make stores more welcoming for all customers.
  • The company is committing to more than $25 million toward the initiative.
Purpose: Racial Equity
Brand: Bombas 
Campaign/ Initiative: Black Hive Collection (Black History Month)
  • Created with Bombas’ Black Hive, a group of Black-identifying employees, “to evoke the meaning of Black Excellence with vibrant, bold colors that reflect a joyful vision of Black pasts, a celebration of Black presents, and an empowerment of Black futures.”
  • The line includes eight pairs of colorful socks and each pair sold will result in a pair donated to those in need at Black community organizations.
  •  To market the line, Bombas has a 360-degree campaign that includes paid and organic social, email and influencer programming.
  •  Everyone involved with the campaign, in front of and behind the camera, is Black. 
Purpose: Racial Equity 
Brand: Amazon
Campaign/ Initiative: Black History Makers (Black History Month)
  • Recognizing Black History Month across all of its platforms (MarketPlace, Video, Music, Alexa, etc.) by promoting Black-owned brands, businesses and products.
  • Amazon released a statement  that maintaining the trajectory and momentum of work to support and prioritize Black Lives initiated in 2020 remains a top priority in 2021.
  • They remain committed to: doubling the representation of Black directors and vice presidents; creating and executing developmental programs + opportunities for those who are underrepresented in the tech industry; initiating a new scholarship for underserved high school seniors to pay for college education. 
Purpose: Racial Equity 
Brand: Target
Campaign/ Initiative: Black Beyond Measure (Black History Month)
  • Continuation of the 2020 campaign and features a collection of content, artist spotlights, and items by Black creators for purchase.
  • Calls out the partnerships and ways the brand is forging pathways for Black success beyond BHM.
Purpose: Racial Equity 
Brand: New Balance
Campaign/ Initiative: My Story Matters (Black History Month)
  • Created by a team of Black associates at New Balance whose goal is to empower and elevate Black voices that are far too often overlooked.
  • Honors Black History by recognizing that the Black experience is diverse and rich, full of stories that need to be told. Campaign shares the stories of Black influencers (Jaden Smith, Coco Gauff), and tells encourages others to share their own, 
Purpose: Racial Equity 
Brand: Peloton
Campaign/ Initiative: We See You: Shining. Representing. Celebrating.  (Black History Month)
  • Celebrates Black History Month with themed classes, Black member spotlights, and an apparel collaboration with four Black artists -- Hust Wilson, Sanford Greene, Temi Coker, and Monica Ahanonu. 
Purpose: Racial Equity 
Brand: Spotify
Campaign/ Initiative:Black History is Now (Black History Month)
  • In celebration of Black History Month, Spotify announced: a spotlight on black photographers for BHM playlists, guest-curated playlist takeovers, new podcasts on the black experience and from black creators
  • This is a continuation of Spotify’s efforts to highlight Black culture and music. 
Purpose: Racial Equality
Brand: Etsy
Campaign/ Initiative: Editors Picks (Black History Month)
  • Special offer for shopping from Black Owned shops and a portal to highlight some of their wares
  • Includes “seller spotlights” to highlight stories of certain sellers

January 2021

Purpose: Gender Equality 
Brand: Mars
Campaign/ Initiative: #HereToBeHeard
  • MARS launched #HereToBeHeard, a  global crowdsourcing campaign that elevates the voices of women to help shape a more inclusive business environment and create a world where all women can thrive.  
  • The campaign asks women to participate in a study, the findings of which will be shared in summer 2021 and will inform actions, tools & initiatives designed to help more women reach their full potential.
  • The campaign is part of the company’s Full Potential platform for action on gender equity in its workplaces, sourcing communities, and the marketplace.
Purpose: Racial Equity 
Brand: L’Oreal
Campaign/ Initiative: Inclusive Beauty Fund 
  • The L’Oréal USA Inclusive Beauty Fund is a new grant program presented in partnership with the NAACP, awarding 30 one-time grants of $10,000 each to Black-owned small businesses, Black entrepreneurs, and professional services in all sectors of the U.S. beauty industry.
  • The Inclusive Beauty Fund is part of L’Oréal USA’s larger commitment to support the NAACP’s mission, which will include additional initiatives to be announced in the future
  • In addition to funding, L’Oréal USA is also committed to providing grantees with professional mentorship and business development support with the participation of top executives from its leading beauty brands and its professional beauty products distributor, Salon Centric.
Purpose: Racial Equity; Female Empowerment
Brand: Mattel
Campaign/ Initiative: Barbie Inspiring Women Series 
  • Launched Maya Angelou Barbie - part of commitment to make over 50% of Barbie’s global role models it features in collections be Black, Indigenous or women of color. 
  • The doll will be part of Barbie’s Inspiring Women series, joining the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Rosa Parks.
Purpose: Racial Equity 
Brand: TikTok
Campaign/ Initiative: TikTok for Black Creatives
  • TikTok announced a new incubator program that will invest in and support emerging Black creators and music artists on TikTok.
  • The three month program will focus on nurturing and developing 100 talented Black creators and music artists, helping to open doors for them to reach new heights in their careers.

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