MakerPlace by Michaels

How America’s largest craft retailer launched a marketplace that treats buyers and sellers with respect
The Challenge

Michaels, the nation’s largest retailer of arts and craft supplies, needed help launching a new online marketplace for handmade goods: MakerPlace by Michaels. How do you create a campaign that champions independent makers of handmade goods and distinguishes Michaels from the competition? By thinking outside the box and dusting off the old vinyls for a fun, musical anthem film.

The Solution

We focused on what makes MakerPlace unique: respect for both buyers and sellers. Buyers don’t have to look through dozens of knockoffs to find a real handmade gift, and sellers are paid fairly. OBERLAND created a musical campaign called “Respect the Handmade” featuring the iconic song “Respect” sung by animated handmade items.

The results

Coming Soon.

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