Period care gets a new, comically candid approach.

For Thinx, OBERLAND created stories that leave the binary world of pads and tampons behind by unifying the entire line of products under a single brand idea. Using comedy and candor, we showed women of varying ages - daughters, mothers and grandmothers - demonstrating 'How a New Generation Thinx.'


"How a New Generation Thinx."


45 percent revenue increase for Thinx Teens within a month of launch, driven by a 113 percent lift in web sessions. When an ad connects with consumers, sometimes you know right away. Beyond that, the ads generated considerable positive media coverage for Thinx and the broader issue of period care. It was an Ad Age Editor’s Pick and Adweek’s Ad of the Day – even Variety raved. Acclaimed Writer/Director/Actor Pamela Adlon ("Better Things") was so inspired by the scripts that she chose this campaign to make her advertising directorial debut. Social media reaction was equally enthusiastic and emotional.

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