ACLU "Trans Script"

There’s more to trans than gender
The Challenge

OBERLAND developed a campaign for ACLU designed to highlight a broader spectrum of trans life than the transition process, by celebrating everyday moments of trans joy. “Trans Script” lets trans people tell their stories of love, parenting and finding a home - each paired with lively and colorful animation to accentuate their unique story. Additionally, the ‘Trans Timeline’ website, which celebrates 50 years of the trans and non-binary community in the US, invited people to share their own stories of significant joy in their lives. To make this campaign, OBERLAND tapped a team of LGBTQ+ and non-binary artists and craftspeople from around the industry.

The Solution

There's more to trans than gender.

The results

The campaign generated such a strong positive response on social media that ACLU has asked us to extend the concept and create longer-form stories. “This campaign invited transgender people to share their dreams and accomplishments, precisely because they face such widespread discrimination and ignorance,” noted Rebecca Lowell Edwards, ACLU’s Chief Communications Officer. “Transgender rights are human rights, and we’re thankful for OBERLAND’s work on this effort to spread that essential truth.”





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