Consumer Reports

Fairness Needs a Fighter
The Challenge

Consumer Reports has been fighting for consumers since 1936. As one of America’s longest-serving consumer advocate companies, they knew it was time to update their brand as the world transitions into 2021 and beyond. They reached out for help and we helped reimagine themselves as a destination for fairness. Consumer Reports creates the most exhaustive and comprehensive ratings in the industry, through reviews, testing and advocacy, they make sure consumers know what they are getting. By focusing on four key issues (car safety, internet access, price discrimination, education debt), we created a multi-dimensional campaign that alerted the public to the critical role Consumer Reports plays in their lives.

The Solution

Fairness needs a fighter.

The results

After a successful internal launch in the first half of 2021, Consumer Report’s new positioning was introduced to the world with our ‘Drive for Fairness’ campaign. We championed the importance of car safety and raised awareness for Consumer Report’s historical advocacy work. Our collaboration continues to put consumers first with issue-specific campaigns that are beginning to hit the larger market.

Brand Manifesto


Drive for Fairness

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